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Fly Fishing in Wind: Fly Casting Faster

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Silhouette image of a single man fly fishingWhen fly casting against the wind, keep these things in mind:

  • Wind will move the fly line in the air…strong wind will move it a lot.
  • If the wind is blowing the fly line toward you (if you are right handed, this would mean that the wind is blowing from right to left; a fly line thrown over your right shoulder will be blown into you), cast over the opposite shoulder to avoid catching a hook in the back of the head. The stroke is the same for the opposite shoulder cast,the fly rod just travels diagonally across the body.
  • Cast faster when casting in wind. When casting faster, stop and start applying power at the same time, but apply more power during the cast. Be sure to practice this, since some casters tend to shorten their stroke and throw tailing loops when casting faster.

Remember: Practice does not make perfect! Practice makes permanent. Watch your back casts and forward casts for tailing loops…they’re sure signs that you need to focus on your stroke.

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