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Fishing Nymphs

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So you’ve fished all day and not had a single strike? Have you tried a nymph, weight and strike indicator.

Here’s the technique: Fish a short tippet. Apply a small weight (depending on the depth and the speed of water flow) ABOVE the tippet knot (this will keep it from sliding down). Place the strike indicator about one and a half (1.5) to two times the depth of the water above the fly (3 feet for 2 foot water). Cast upstream about 5-10 feet further than where you expect the trout to be. Follow the floating indicator by raising the rod as it comes downstream toward you; as it floats by, lower the rod and feed line to extend the drift. Set the hook if the indicator pauses or dips; fly takes will be subtle, and it takes time to time the setting of the hook.

When the indicator reaches as far down the stream as you want to go, cast again about the same distance upstream and about a foot further into the river. This covers the bottom in parallel passes of the fly.

Still no strikes?

  • Add weight to get deeper faster.
  • Move the indicator to fish deeper
  • Add a dropper about 2 – 4 hook sizes smaller to the hook of the nymph.

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