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Tying and Thinking: Tying Flies Using the Brain

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One of the things I noticed when I started reading fly tying tips and fly fishing tips was that they were solutions to problems.

Businessman with cardboard box on his head saying think outside the box concept for brainstorming, creativity, innovation, strategy or individuality

How do you attach biot tails? One author thinks it’s easy. Another thinks it needs a page and a half. Some instructions recommend using a turn of dubbing to separate the biots. Others recommend tilting them back about 1/8 turn and letting thread torque pull them to the sides of the hook.

All of these are right, and none of them are. Every person that ties flies will have unique problems. They’ll search for solutions. By thinking and trying different approaches, they’ll eventually find something that works.

Don’t get frustrated with either fly tying or fly fishing. If you think about it and read a few tips from others, you’ll find something that works for you.

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