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Get Your Fly Tying Vise the Right Height

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Hand tied deer hair bass bug with tying tools and vise.

The height of your fly tying vise is important. When you tie flies, make sure that your that your vise is at the right height.

Adjusting Your Fly Tying Vise

I find that my vise needs to be just below my eye level. Low vises will create neck strain. Too high and you’ll experience arm and back strain after a while. If you’re tying for more than an hour at a time, and your neck, back, or shoulders feel strain, check the height of your vise.

Hand tied deer hair bass bug with tying tools and vise.Although you might not think about it, the height of the vise also affects the placement of material on the hook. The angle you view the fly from makes a difference in how you see the materials you place. It also controls the way your hands hold material on the hook when you tie.

The exact placement of your vise will depend on your chair, height, vise, and the way you tie. If you’re strained when you tie or if you’re frustrated by materials that seem to be placed wrong on the hook, try adjusting the height of your vise.

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