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Fly Tying and Fly Fishing On Hold: Moving the Office

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So I’ve not posted for several days. And I’ve not tied any flies for several days. And I’m still trying to find stuff that I seem to have lost. Why? We moved. Everything. The inventory, the fly tying stuff, even my fly fishing stuff got moved over the last couple of weeks.Very messy office with piles of files.

So my office doesn’t look quite as cramped as the picture at the left, but almost. Last night, I finally got around to tying some of the BC Hopper pattern that Charlie Craven describes on Charlie’s Fly Box. I got down to Step 11 pretty well, then tried to find the Zap-a-Gap. I knew I had some (and not just the ZAP sku in the fly shop drawers, some in my own fly tying stuff), but I couldn’t find it. After combing through several boxes, I saw a bag on the table by my temporary vise location. There it was. Good thing, too, because my hair stackers were in the same bag.

I spent so much time looking for the Zap that the BC Hoppers will have to wait. Maybe tonight!


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