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What am I tying here?

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I’ve bought a couple of books to learn what the aquatic insects I’m tying look like, but I haven’t found any really good, single place that has great photos. Until now. I started out looking up “blood midge.” Here’s the photo:


And now I see why using red tubing is such a great imitation. Also see that the head is slightly darker than the body, and I might add just a smidge of CDC or a little marabou peeking out at the back. Will post when I have something that I like.

And since I’m headed to the river day after tomorrow…I’ll try them out.

Oh, and here’s the link for the whole page of pics including sowbug, cranefly larvae, and caddis larvae:

Macroinvertebrate Photo Gallery

This one’s kinda like some magazines…I just looked at the pictures.

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