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A River Runs Through It…trivia

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I made a resolution to post more stuff, but I’ll begin with this. One of the iconic fly fishing movies of all time is A River Runs Through It. If you fly fish and you haven’t seen it, shame on you. It’s worth ordering the DVD from Netflix.


So here’s the trivia:

  • Robert Redford is the Director, one of the producers, and the un-credited narrator.
  • Redford tried over 20 voices for the narration. When he could not decide, he recorded many of the segments himself. The other cast members talked him into using his voice recordings.
  • The fly rods used in the filming of the movie are modern graphite (carbon fiber) made to look like bamboo.
  • The fly used in one of the scenes is a Bunyan Bug. These originally had cork bodies. Also, you can find a discussion (and some pictures) here.

Source: Making of A River Runs Through It (a special feature on the DVD).

Finally, yes, we like the movie at my house.

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